Early Savers Club FAQs

The Early Savers Club is a financial literacy club for children in schools, faith based organizations and other suitable clusters for children.
The Club is designed to help raise the next generation of financially savvy children and young adults, teach children about money, importance of savings, how to spend smart, planning for the future and the value of giving in a fun and interactive way.
The Club can be set up in Schools and Children Focus Organization.
No. Registration for the Early Savers Club is free. However, parents will have to maintain a minimum balance of GHS 200 in their Early Savers Account.
To become a member of the Early Savers Club, children are required to fill the membership registration form with the consent of their parents.
Intending members should be able to speak, read and write and preferably between the ages of 6 – 17 years.


To join the Access Bank Early Savers club, click the download link below to access the membership form. Once downloaded, complete the form and send to the email address below. You can be sure to benefit from several fun and interactive lessons as a club member.