Happy Loan Promo

The Personal Loan campaign dubbed The Happy Loan Promo is a Consumer Finance Loan product targeted at customers and non-customers of the bank. It is specifically designed to enable you meet your short- and long-term financial needs through an enhanced process and a competitive value addition.

Do you plan to shop this festive period? travel to your dream destination? do a home makeover? surprise a loved one? Or pay school fees in January? Then this offer is for you. The campaign will run from now till the end of February 2022.

We are giving you wide range of loan products:
  1. Personal Loans: for Private and Public Sector workers: Get a loan to finance major projects and ventures. Loan value up to GHS 250K. 
  2. Vehicle Loans: Loan product meant to finance the acquisition of both second hand and brand-new vehicles. Accessible to all salaried workers. 
  3. Pick now pay Later:  Loan product for the acquisition of home appliances/electronics/Phone accessories/furniture/building materials etc. from partner merchants.
  4. Fly Now Pay Later: In partnership with Emirates, get access to loan to fly to any destination of your choice and pay back later. Click here to download forms.