Board and Executive Members

Kenneth Mba

Mr. Kenneth Mba is an astute banker with over 21years of experience working in the banking industry.
Prior to taking up his current position at Access Bank Ghana, Ken worked with the Risk Management Group of Access Bank Plc. in Nigeria from 2012 to 2016, where he led his team to build a robust risk management framework for the Bank.
Mr. Mba has also been involved in multi-functional roles during his career at the erstwhile Intercontinental Bank Plc in Nigeria including Head of Risk Assessment and Credit Assessment and Structuring. His expertise cuts across Retail and Corporate Credit Analysis, Enterprise Risk Management, Exposure Management Credit and Collateral Management among others.
Ken holds certificates for Moody’s Analytics Intermediate Credit Certification, UK and Certified Risk Specialist by International Association of Financial Management, USA. He has an MBA in Management from University of Nigeria and he is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria.