Financial Literacy

Educating your child about money and how to manage it for their financial future is a job many parents want to undertake, but are uncertain of where to begin.

Teaching your child about money from an early age will set the right foundation of developing their money management skills.
The skills learnt from now will be taken with them all through childhood and into their adulthood.

Studies have shown that children, who are introduced to financial literacy at an early age, make smarter saving, spending and investing decisions when they become financially independent adults.
Therefore, financial management education is in essence, a lifelong process.

You can start with opening an Early Savers Account

Early Savers Account is a savings account for children between the ages of 0-17years. The account can be opened in trust for a child by the parent/guardian who will be the primary account holder with the responsibility of running this account until their child attains adulthood and can solely operate their own accounts or possibly move to other age appropriate product.

Click here for more features and benefits of the Early Savers Account.


The lessons will be taught in fun and interactive ways that would ensure active participation from the students. Once the below form has been downloaded, fill it and email the form to the email specified below.