Shop and Ship

Requirements to register

  • To register for the service customers can either visit our branch to fill the form, download the form or visit the Shop and Ship website on
  • Once forms are completed, present it with a valid ID at the nearest branch and you’ll be setup immediately.
  • Once registration is complete, Aramex will send you a confirmation mail with personalised addresses for their locations in 18 different countries.

Shopping online and shipping to Aramex

  • With your shop and ship account active, you can visit your favourite shopping website and purchase the item you want.
  • When checking out, pay with your Access Visa Card at no extra charges to you.
  • You then enter your Shop and Ship forwarding address in that particular location; this could be in the USA, UK, France, Thailand, South Africa, China and many others.
  • Once your item reaches the Aramex warehouse of the forwarding address you will get an email of item being shipped to Ghana.
  • Once item reaches Ghana you will receive an email or a call for the item to be delivered personally by Aramex at your preferred location.


Benefits of the service

  • Personalised address in over 18 destinations globally
  • Hassle free delivery to your doorstep
  • Competitive Courier rate
  • 50% discount on lifetime registration within first 6 months of launch for customers
  • Easy tracking of goods
  • Various payment options, be it payment on delivery or through our mobile and internet banking platforms.