Access Banks Bancassurance is a working relationship with Coronation Insurance and Star Life Assurance Company Ltd, to offer you the best in both assurance and insurance products. We believe our most valuable asset is you our customer, so why not protect your life and your assets while catering to your financial needs.

Why Coronation Insurance and Star Life Assurance?
Coronation Insurance and Star Life Assurance Company Ltd. are leading providers of insurance and assurance services committed to delivering best-in-class solutions to their customers. With over 12 years and 16 years in business respectively, they have built a trustworthy reputation on a culture of integrity.
How can we help?
With our suite of insurance solutions that are designed to be your bulwark against any unforeseen life tragedies and perils.

We will have you hit the refresh button whenever those pesky perils show up to disrupt life's flow.

Whatever your lifestyle, there's a policy for you.     
Coronation Insurance has over a decade of experience providing life assurance and protecting assets of customers in Ghana. A reputation of integrity and prompt claims payments - in as little as 48-hours*

A robust online platform that provides end-to-end digital support. That means our customers can buy and manage their policies virtually.

A similar corporate culture and long-standing relationship with Access Bank assures of seamless service delivery.

Home Insurance
Covers damage caused by flood, fire as well as injury to visitors on your property.

Travel Insurance
Protects you from unforseen situations when temporarily travelling abroad

Motor Insurance 
Takes care of any damage to your vehicle as well as to other peoples involved.

Shop Owners
Provides coverage for a shop's content and property. The product also covers the content of a shop such as furniture, fittings, television, refridgerator, shop items (stock) etc.

Personal Accident
Designed to provide compensation in the event of injuries, disability or dealth caused soley by violent, accidental, external and visible events.

Assest All Risk

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T: 0577726921, 0579388887

StarLife is currently the third largest and one of the leading indigenous life assurance companies in Ghana. Their product portfolio offers a wide range of need-based life insurance solutions designed to meet the financial security needs of the insuring public.

With a competent workforce and more than 20 branches in Ghana, they are poised to deliver value -added products and excellent services to customers.


Child Protection Plan
The Child Protection Plan is an endowment plan designed to meet your ward(s) or child (ren)’s education financing needs now and in the future.

WealthMaster Plan
The Wealth Master Plan is a flexible universal investment plan specially designed to meet your medium to long term financial security needs.
Ultimate Protection Policy
The StarLife Ultimate Protection Plan is a unique renewable term life assurance policy designed to provide peace of mind and cash benefits to the families of breadwinners and their spouses against death and total permanent disability.
Esteem Homecall Plan
The Esteem HomeCall Plan is a term assurance funeral policy which provides insured individuals and family members adequate cash to enable them to organise befitting burial ceremonies for their loved ones

Find out what more we can do for you through any of our customer care channels:
Toll free: 0800004400
T: 0577726921, 0579388887