Dormant Account Reactivation

What is a Dormant Account? 
  • An account with Access Bank (Ghana) Plc that has not received any deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or point-of-sale transactions (customer induced transactions), is considered ‘Inactive’ and hence dormant after two (2) years.
  • For an account to remain operational (active), customers are expected to transact frequently.       
What is Access Bank Digital Dormant Account Reactivation Platform? 
  • This is a digital platform to reactivate personal dormant accounts with balances below GHS 1000.  

    What is Needed to Reactivate a Dormant Account on the Platform? 
  1. The customer should be an Individual Customer
  2. Valid means of identification (Voter ID, International Passport, Ghana Card, Driver, License) 
  3. Current Address (If the initial address has changed) 
  4. Customer’s dormant account number 
  5. Complete required details on the dormant account reactivation platform 
  6. A minimum amount of Ghs10.00 to be credited into the account as part of the reactivation process. 
  7. Customer's account balance should be less than Ghs 1,000.00. Any customer with a balance of Ghs 1,000.00 and above should visit any of our closest branches for reactivation.
  • Why do I need to Reactivate a Dormant Account? 
  • An account that remains inactive after two years (2 yrs) will cease to be operational. 
Accounts that remain inactive for 5 years will be repatriated to the Bank of Ghana (BoG) as per the Bank of Ghana’s dormant account directive. 

Click here to reactivate your account.
List of Dormant Accounts