Dormant Account Reactivation

What is a Dormant Account? 
  • An account with Access Bank (Ghana) Plc that has not received any deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or point-of-sale transactions (customer induced transactions), is considered ‘Inactive’ and hence dormant after two (2) years.
  • For an account to remain operational (active), customers are expected to transact frequently.       
What is Access Bank Digital Dormant Account Reactivation Platform? 
  • This is a digital platform to reactivate personal dormant accounts with balances below GHS 1000.  

    What is Needed to Reactivate a Dormant Account on the Platform? 
  • The customer should be an Individual Customer
  • Ghana Card
  • Current Address (If the initial address has changed) 
  • Customer’s dormant account number 
  • Complete required details on the dormant account reactivation platform 
  • A minimum amount of Ghs10.00 to be credited into the account as part of the reactivation process. 
  • Customer's account balance should be less than Ghs 1,000.00. Any customer with a balance of Ghs 1,000.00 and above should visit any of our closest branches for reactivation.
  • Why do I need to Reactivate a Dormant Account? 
  • An account that remains inactive after two years (2 yrs) will cease to be operational. 
  • Accounts that remain inactive for 5 years will be repatriated to the Bank of Ghana (BoG) as per the Bank of Ghana’s dormant account directive. 

    *Customers who are unable to use the Digital Platform should visit the nearest Access Bank Branch for assistance. 

    For more information contact: your Relationship Management team or call 0800004400 toll-free.
Click here to reactivate your account.