Our organisation has an ambitious vision and clear mission.
This dictates all of our business strategies

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Setting standards for sustainable business practices that unleash the talents of our employees, deliver superior value to our customers and provide innovative solutions for the markets and communities we serve.

We have a strategic roadmap for the next five years, which sets a new agenda, and one that will see us sustaining the growth trend of the bank. By 2022 we aim to:

  • Be a truly multi-channel bank
  • Rank amongst the top Bank’s in each market we serve
  • Be the preferred Ghanaian bank in retail and wholesale banking
  • Leverage our global network in Africa, Europe (UK), the Far East and the Middle East
  • Deploy the best-in class digital solutions for our market

Our Core Values

At Access Bank, our values play a vital role in our decision making processes. They are the bedrock of our culture and they form the keystone for all we do and accomplish. Our values define who we are, what we do, how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us. 

They define how we function as a team, how employees spend their time and how decisions are made.  There are six values that underpin everything we do and apply to everyone across the Bank. This is what we have all committed to live up to, day by day.


  • Surpassing ordinary standards to be the best in all that we do
  • Setting the standard for what it means to be exceptional
  • Our approach is not that of excellence at all costs– it is excellence on all fronts so that we deliver outcomes that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.


  • Pioneering new ways of doing things, new products and services, new approaches to clients/customers
  • Being first, testing the waters and pushing boundaries
  • Anticipating and responding quickly to market needs with the right technology, products and services to achieve customer objectives.


  • Leading by example, leading with guts
  • Being first, being the best and sometimes being the only
  • Challenging the status quo

Passion for Customers

  • Doing more than just delivering excellent customer service
  • Helping people clearly understand how our products and services work
  • Treating customers fairly. Building long-term relationships based on trust, fairness and transparency.


  • Putting our best foot forward in everything we do, especially in high pressure situations
  • Consistently bringing the best of our knowledge and expertise to the table in all of our interactions with our stakeholders
  • Setting the highest standards in our work ethic, behaviours, activities and in the way we treat our customers and, just as importantly, each other

Empowered Employees

  • Recruiting and retaining the right people and teams based on shared values and vision
  • Developing our people to become world-class Professionals
  • Encouraging a sense of ownership at individual level, whilst fostering team spirit and loyalty to a shared vision