At Access Bank, we help businesses capitalize on their vast potentials

Experienced Professionals

At Access Bank, we help businesses capitalize on their vast potentials. We are currently looking for ambitious, self-motivated individuals with exceptional leadership qualities, who are inspired to harness their potentials to consistently exceed customer expectations whilst achieving their career goals.

Available roles

Our employees regularly participate in world-class training programs, both locally and abroad. The international trainings are facilitated by Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, Stamford Business School, Kellogg School of Management, etc. These programs are tailored to employee’s current and future career development within the bank. We also use a variety of tools to ensure that staff career and developmental objectives are achieved. These include:
The Staff Personal Development Plan
To help you think through your career goals, strategies and personal development in a structured way, you'll be required to complete the Staff Personal Development Plan together with your Supervisor and Mentor upon joining the bank and at the beginning of each year. The plan details your career objectives for the next five years, your key areas of learning and development, and how these needs will be supported. The plan is reviewed regularly with your supervisor to ensure you are on track with your objectives and to make necessary amendments where appropriate.
Staff Personal Development Assistance (SPDA)
This is an initiative provided by the Bank which allows you time off work for your career development. In most cases, to pursue a course of study outside of the Bank's curriculum. The Bank will reimburse selected professional courses upon successful completion and effectiveness of staff to carry out tasks on the job  
At Access Bank, we never stop learning!