Our various Businesses and their Functions 

Our Businesses

Corporate Banking
The Corporate Banking Division provides high quality financial services to Multinationals and Large domestic clients
across a variety of industry sectors. These include Cocoa & Exports, Aviation & Hospitality, Mining, Construction,
Maritime and Telecommunications.

Commercial Banking
Our Commercial Banking Division is made up of seven distinctive market segments: Fast Moving Consumable Goods
(FMCG), Commerce, Wholesale, Paper & chemicals, Manufacturing, Frozen, Foods and Pharmaceuticals. The
Commercial Banking Division’s portfolio focuses on local corporates and SMEs with annual turnover of less than Five
Million Ghana Cedis.

Oil & Gas
The Oil & Gas business is a newly created group that provides more focus on the Bank’s energy business across the
upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors of the industry. The group is structured to support the businesses of
both public and private companies in the energy sector, as well as oil marketing and oil services.

Business Banking
The Business Banking Division is a hybrid of both the Commercial and Personal Banking divisions. It focuses on
small and medium scale enterprises providing them with financial solutions, training and advisory services to support
their growing business needs. Created as a separate and strategic business unit, the division serves SMEs with
annual turnover of less than Five Million Ghana Cedis.

Personal Banking
The Personal Banking Division forms the retail segment of the Bank and delivers timely and innovative financial
products and services to individuals. As the largest division, Personal banking is heavily supported by various
channels including e-banking, ATM and branch network.

Investment Banking
Our Investment Banking group is made up of the Treasury and Financial Institution segments.
The Financial Institution Unit (FI) is a specialised unit established and equipped with the appropriate competencies
and capacity to handle the sophisticated needs of our customers in the Financial Services sector. There are currently
four main sectors within this market space namely:

  1. Savings and Loans Institutions
  2. Finance Houses
  3. Insurance Companies
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Non-Life Insurance
  6. Asset Management Institutions

Treasury is a key player in the Bank’s service delivery, providing cutting edge financial services to all the Bank’s
customers to meet their funding, foreign exchange, investment, liquidity and risk management needs. The Group
takes pride in delivering first-class products and services to customers.

Exclusive Banking
The Exclusive Banking is a major plank under the Bank’s Personal Banking business. It is made up of Private
Banking and Women Banking. The Access Private Banking specializes in providing clients with integrated wealth
management products and services complemented by a personal banking service. The Women Banking unit also
known as “W” focus on empowering women across all ages through customized financial services options and other
forms of support including networking and mentorship.