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Africa has never been easier and faster. Enjoy borderless banking with Access Africa.

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Access Africa

AccessAfrica is a payment product designed to simplify Global payments by Person to Person (P2P), Business to Business (B2B), Person to Business (P2B), Government to Person (G2P) and any other payment activities/flows. It enables efficient and effective transfers including but not limited to school fees payment, remittances, merchant payments, e-commerce payments, trade payments, diaspora workers payments, etc.

AccessAfrica project has a Global aspiration but it is being delivered in phases with Africa as its immediate focus.
AccessAfrica allows customers initiate payments in the local currency of the initiating jurisdiction or US Dollars while the beneficiary receives a direct credit to his account or cash in the local currency or US Dollars (provided send currency is USD and beneficiary has a USD account) in line with local procedures.
With AccessAfrica, the world is now closer than ever as you can enjoy instant borderless banking.
Positioning Statement
AccessAfrica is a payment platform, an answer for individuals or businesses, who desire to carry out instant global payments.

The world is now closer than ever.
Enjoy instant borderless Banking.

Bullet-01.png Send in local currency and receive in local currency (LCY).
Bullet-01.png Send in USD and receive in local currency or a domiciliary account.
Bullet-01.png Online real time transactions.
Bullet-01.png Fast
Bullet-01.png Affordable
Bullet-01.png Convenient

Bullet-01.png Easy payment initiation and receipt.
Bullet-01.png Speedy and straight through processing.
Bullet-01.png Secure payment solution.
Bullet-01.png Transparency in pricing and low cost to customers.
Bullet-01.png Easy tracking of transactions.
Bullet-01.png Use of local currency to effect cross currency payment especially for retail clients.
Bullet-01.png Elimination of risk associated with cash based transactions in the region.
Bullet-01.png Create an opportunity to maintain ties with family and friends.
What is AccessAfrica?
AccessAfrica is a payment product for Person-to-Person (P2P), Business-to-Person (B2P), Business-to-Business (B2B) and Government-to-Persons (G2P) transfers, etc. It is owned and managed by Access Bank and currently live in all subsidiaries – (Ghana, Nigeria, The Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Zambia and Sierra Leone) and expanding to other African countries soon. Payments using AccessAfrica are received instantly.
What currency can I use in sending funds?
USD or Local Currency (GHS)
How do I get the daily applicable exchange rate?           
The rate is advised daily in our locations.
     What are the applicable fees?
  A. Ghana:
        Account Holder: $5 Flat fee + 1% Variable fee on principal per transaction
  B. For Nigeria & Subsidiaries:
       Pricing will be reflected by each subsidiary
What are the approved means of Identification required for AccessAfrica?
Ghanaians Foreigners
  • National Identification Card
  • Other: Access Bank Account Number
  • International Passport only
In which currency will the beneficiary be paid?
The beneficiary will be paid in the currency as per request from the sender, subject to   the local regulations of the receiving country.
Ghana - Cedi or GHS
Nigeria – Naira or NGN
Congo – USD or Congolese Franc
Rwanda – USD or Rwandan Franc
Gambia – Dalasi
Zambia – USD or Kwacha
Sierra Leone – USD or Leone
What are the required documents for initiating this transfer?
The required documents are:
  •  A duly completed AccessAfrica ‘Send Form”
  •  A Valid ID
What are the standard required documents and information for receiving funds?
Duly completed AccessAfrica “Receive Form”
- Valid ID
- Reference Code
- Test Question & Answer.
However, when account details are stated by sender, funds will be terminated into the specified account and therefore does not require the beneficiary’s physical presence.
What minimum daily limit for sending funds through Access Africa at a time?
The limits vary from one country to another in line with regulatory approvals.
Ghana - $10,000 per year/per customer
Does one need an account with Access Bank to Send or Recieve Money with  AccessAfrica?
No. Funds can be sent and received by both walk ins and account holders. These options are available to customers who wish to send and receive funds on the platform:
- Cash-To-Cash (Transfer by Walk-in sender to a walk in beneficiary)
- Cash-To-Account (Transfer by a Walk-in sender to an Account holder)
- Account-To-Cash (Transfer by an Account holder to a Walk-in beneficiary)
- Account-To-Account (Transfer by an Account holder to an Account holder)
Can I only send and receive cash for AccessAfrica transactions?
Besides cash-to-cash transactions, AccessAfrica can be transferred from Cash-to-Account, Account-to-Cash and Account-to-Account. This is the unique difference using AccessAfrica.
In what currency would I receive Access Africa?
Customer will be paid in the local currency of the affiliate where payment is to be made. However, customers with FEA accounts can receive funds directly in USD to their accounts. For Other Bank transfers, customer will ONLY receive local currency.
How long will it take for a receiver to access funds through Access Africa?
Funds are available instantly upon receipt of the AccessAfrica Reference Number. For Cash-To-Account and Account-Account transfers, funds are credited directly as soon as the transaction is approved. It is fast, easy and convenient.
Can I do AccessAfrica from my bank account not domiciled in Access Bank?
No. The service is available for ONLY Account holders and Walk-ins for now
What are sending and receiving costs?
Sending cost is dynamic and in line with industry practice. There is absolutely no receiving cost (Unless the Sender chooses ‘Beneficiary Pays’ as the Fee Type)
AccessAfrica is affordable at a benefit that cannot be compared with similar products.