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Access Mortgage Facility

Access Bank Mortgage Loan gives you the freedom to plan, build and complete your dream home. The long-term loan which comes in 4 different types is meant to provide customers at different building stages with the needed support to acquire their dream house for residence or as a form of investment. The enhanced loan product is available to salaried workers, business owners and Ghanaians living in the diaspora.

We can help you with any of these loan options

For salaried workers and self-employed individuals as well as non-resident Ghanaians to purchase “Turnkey” Residential properties for personal use or investment purposes. 
  • What Does A Turnkey Property Mean In Real Estate? Turnkey properties are pieces of real estate – be it a house, duplex, or apartment building – that are fully functioning and ready for you to rent out immediately.
To lend to salaried workers and self-employed individuals using their existing properties as collateral. Upon Valuation of the existing property, 50% of the current market value will be released as loan depending on the applicant’s qualifying amount.
For salaried workers and self-employed individuals who already own a land to undertake the construction of their dream home
This loan facility is to assist salaried workers and self-employed individuals complete their dream homes.
Eligibility Criteria
Self-employed individuals or salaried workers who live in Ghana or the diaspora.
Required documentation
1. Bio data page of your travel passport
2. Ghana card
3. One colored passport photo
4. Six (6) months' pay slips
5. 1 year bank statements
6. Evidence of any additional income
7. Proof of Employment
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Contact Information
Call toll-free number 0800004400.